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WAM (World Assets Management) is a leading CSP (Corporate Services Provider) specialising in the establishment of foreign companies, international tax planning and asset management. Our company features experienced lawyers, economists, experts on precious and strategic metals, tax advisors, private bankers and other qualified professionals in the field of corporate law, financial planning, asset protection and management, investment and tax optimisation.

We help our clients protect and enhance their assets, develop and internationalise their business, using the available and legal means. Maximum emphasis is placed on confidentiality, quality of service and affordability.

One of the main goals of the company is to assist in the protection of property, privacy and income against possible systemic risks. The situation is disturbing and alarming in the EU Member States, USA, Japan and other countries, where the growth of indebtness and the size of the state apparatus exceeded a critical point of a possible return to normal. The political elites behave and fritter away funds as if there was no tomorrow. It is only a matter of time before there is a further increase in taxes, mainly property tax. It is necessary to prepare for it in advance and not rely on a miracle. Internationalisation of the assets, business and personal life is, in our opinion, one of the ways that can, with proper implementation, protect a significant portion of assets against possible risks. Rather one year earlier than one day too late!

What to do in order to protect assets and income to the greatest extent possible and to protect the structure to withstand in the long-term?

  • Personal meeting with a representative of our company and initial analysis of the business structure, assets and objectives.

  • Establishment of a company or creation of a comprehensive corporate structure. We put emphasis on functionality, business cost and tax burden reduction, often associated with the creation of the veil of anonymity and reduced exposure of the client to financial “predators”.

  • In case of a corporate structure that does not correspond to the opportunities offered by international financial planning: add appropriate entities to the structure and adapt your business to new opportunities.

  • Diversify, protect financial assets and minimise the risk of loss or depreciation of funds. There is often a situation where a person owns property in one country, has income only from one country or from related countries (such as the European Union Member States) and has their funds deposited in one asset (e.g. a term account) in one or more financial institutions operating in one country or in a related groupings of countries. This method of asset management is very risky and, for example, just mere break-up of the common currency – the euro – may result in the loss of almost the entire assets.

  • Investment and management of financial assets according to current opportunities aimed at protecting the assets, as well as evaluating them to make a reasonable return at reasonable risk. All in accordance with strict international financial and tax planning that eliminates the excessive tax burden in a legal manner.

  • Geopolitical diversification is essentially a summary of the earlier steps, its purpose is to adjust and combine the assets, business and their protection using various jurisdictions and the tools available to create a sustainable structure. A person who owns companies in different countries, has accounts in various banks of the world and precious metals in different places of the world is much more protected than an ordinary person who has “all the eggs in one basket.”

  • Constant monitoring of news, trends, laws, restrictions. Respond to new circumstances, if necessary, move your assets to other jurisdictions, move corporate headquarters to other countries, transfers between groups of assets.

More information is available when meeting our representative in person.
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