Cyprus is a member of the European Union. The capital is Nicosia, the official language is Greek, but most of the population is fluent in English. Cyprus is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, with an area of ​​more than 9,000 km2. There are more than one million residents who pay in euro.

Cyprus is a popular jurisdiction where European entrepreneurs establish businesses. The basic tax rate for companies is 12.5%, and it is one of the popular sites often used for holding structures thanks to the amount of agreements on avoidance of double taxation and protection of investments. Despite the problems with the Cypriot banking sector in the spring of 2013 Cyprus is still among the top destinations for start-ups and has several advantages compared to other onshore jurisdictions in Europe. Cyprus has interesting limits on the recognition of various costs, such as hotels, restaurants and bars, and also on carry forward losses to future years. Company documents are published in English.


  • Type of company: Limited
  • Time to start a company: about 15 days
  • Type of law: common law (as in the UK, USA, etc.)
  • Tax rate for companies for companies: sometimes 12.5%, but many forms of income are exempt from tax
  • Obligation to file a tax return: yes
  • Obligation to keep accounts: yes
  • Minimum number of shareholders (partners): 1
  • Minimum number of directors (managers): 1, it is sometimes necessary to have more directors to utilise all the tax benefits
  • Share capital: € 5,000 by default, obligation to pay € 1,000
  • Currency to denote capital: EUR by default, but can be any other currency
  • Publicly available register of companies:yes
  • Obligation to appoint a company secretary: yes
  • Change of residence to another country: no
  • Inclusion of the country in the OECD grey list: no
  • Venue of the General Assembly session: anywhere in the world
  • The existence of agreements on avoidance of double taxation with Slovakia and the Czech Republic: yes
  • The existence of agreements on the exchange of tax information with Slovakia and the Czech Republic: yes
Limited company € 2699 € 1599
Limited company + full nominee service € 2999 € 1699

The price includes all the necessary documents, courier and power of attorney for business, certified with apostil (Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum and Articles of Incorporation, Share Register Form, General Power of Attorney, etc., in the first year of business). When choosing a business in Cyprus we recommend using only nominee service! It is necessary to add the cost of accounting, tax return filing and audit to the fee for the company establishment and administration. The full nominee service also includes the company VAT registration.

Changes in the company such as a change of shareholders and managers € 799
Issuance of additional copies of documents with apostil € 699
Issuance of additional copies of power of attorney with apostil € 699
Modification of the registration agent and company headquarters € 1 499
Issuance of a “Good Standing” certificate € 199
Issuance of a “Incumbency” certificate € 199
Courier service to deliver documents from € 70
More information is available when meeting our representative in person.
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