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WAM provides customised discreet services to a wide range of clients, focusing on international tax planning, protection and valorisation of assets. Both the tax planning and asset protection and valorisation are in relation to, and overlap each other. Their correct implementation can substantially increase income and valorise the assets.

WAM´s core business is establishing companies abroad and opening offshore accounts. There are other conjoint activities, such as establishing specialised, licensed and regulated companies abroad; and providing options on how to actively use these legal entities for business and property administration and investments. A wide range of entrepreneurs and HNWIs (high net worth individuals) are among our clientele. They actively utilise the international, legal and entrepreneurial environment to maximise profits while minimising the administration burden.

Our customised services are used by entrepreneurs from different sectors: importers and exporters of goods to/from abroad, stock exchange instrument traders (shares, commodities, ETF, forex, options), trustees, IT service providers, internet business people, direct sales entrepreneurs, marketing and advertising agencies, angel investors or investors searching for interesting investment opportunities.


WAM offers its clients the so called flat-rate services with half-yearly and yearly payments. This type of services are sought after mainly by experienced entrepreneurs who make use of complex structures of interlinking the companies in different jurisdictions and the related bilateral double taxation and information exchange agreements; as well as by novices who cannot yet navigate through international business.

Based on agreements between WAM and our clients, we offer regular consulting and advisory services related to real functioning of entrepreneurial structures, e.g. consultancy at operational activities, acquisitions, independent assessment of opportunities, participation in meetings and negotiations with partners on both home and foreign ground, assistance in international business transactions and investment decision-making. Since relevant consultancy requires detailed knowledge of companies` operations, the agreement include a NDA (non-disclosure agreement). We also provide economic consulting regarding shares portfolio administration (related to growth or dividends). We focus on the following sectors: commodity mining, processing and distribution of raw materials and energies (precious metals, crude oil, natural gas, uranium, strategic metals, REE), food processing and production, and other indispensable consumables for daily functioning of the society.

Pricing of flat-rate payment services is based on the complexity of expertise and time demands.

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