Samoa is an island country in the Pacific, located near Australia and New Zealand, consisting of two large and seven smaller islands. Formerly known as Western Samoa, the former colony became independent from New Zealand in 1962. The capital city is Apia and the population is about 200,000 people living on an area of about 2,800 km2.

Samoa has a high quality jurisdiction with many advantages and growing significance, especially for its location near China, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Indonesia. Its offshore services are built on the best fundaments taken from the British Virgin Islands, enriched by specialties such as registration of a company with a license for more than one year, which makes Samoa unique. A licence can be prepaid for 5, 10 and 20 years, which can significantly reduce the cost of offshore business, making Samoa an absolutely unbeatable jurisdiction in terms of costs in the case of multi-year programmes! The advantage is also the smaller number of registered companies resulting in a greater amount of available names of companies. Another advantage is that for € 100 surcharge corporate documents can be issued, in addition to English, also in Chinese and the name of the company translated to Chinese. Compared to other offshore jurisdictions Samoa offers setting up a company with a high equity capital – up to $ 1,000,000.


  • Type of Company: IBC (international business company)
  • Time to start a company: 1 day
  • Type of law: common law (as in the UK, USA, etc.)
  • Tax rate for companies: 0%
  • Obligation to file a tax return: no
  • Obligation to keep accounts: formally yes, but does not require its submission
  • Minimum number of shareholders (partners): 1
  • Minimum number of directors (managers): 1
  • Share capital: 1 000 000 USD by default, there is no obligation to pay it
  • Currency to denote capital: USD by default, but can be any other currency
  • Publicly available register of companies: no
  • Obligation to appoint a company secretary: no
  • Change of residence to another country: yes
  • Inclusion of the country in the OECD grey list: no
  • Venue of the General Assembly session: anywhere in the world
IBC company € 1099 € 899
IBC + full nominee service € 1499 € 1199
Special offer:
IBC company for 5 years € 2 799 /only € 560 per annum/
IBC company for 5 years + full nominee services € 3 999 /only € 800 per annum/
IBC company for 10 years € 3 999 /only € 400 per annum/
IBC company for 10 years + full nominee services € 5 999 /only € 600 per annum/
IBC company for 20 years € 5 999 /only € 300 per annum/
IBC company for 20 years + full nominee services € 8 999 /only € 450 per annum/

The price includes all the necessary documents, courier and power of attorney for business, certified with apostil (Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum and Articles of Incorporation, Share Register Form, General Power of Attorney, etc., in the first year of business).

Changes in the company such as a change of shareholders and managers € 299
Issuance of additional copies of documents with apostil € 199
Issuance of additional copies of power of attorney with apostil € 199
Modification of the registration agent and company headquarters € 299
Issuance of documents in Chinese € 99
Issuance of a “Good Standing” certificate € 149
Issuance of a “Incumbency” certificate € 149
Courier service to deliver documents from € 80
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