Seychelles is among the most beautiful islands in the world. They are located in the Indian Ocean. The Seychelles archipelago has an area of ​​about 450 km2 and is home to nearly 90,000 inhabitants. The official languages are French, English and local Creole. The capital is Victoria, located on the island of Mahe.

Seychelles is one of the leading offshore centres, with more than 100,000 companies currently registered on the islands. Seychelles is a popular jurisdiction to inexpensively and smoothly establish a company, thanks to the stable legal and business environment. Seychelles companies are often used for international business, holding shares in companies, holding funds and securities, and to conceal the names of the real owners of European companies. Company documents are issued upon request in English or French. Every entrepreneur should own a company in Seychelles and use it to manage at least their personal portfolio!


  • Type of Companyi: IBC (international business company)
  • Time to start a company: 1 day
  • Type of law: common law (as in the UK, USA, etc.)
  • Tax rate for companies: 0% (forever)
  • Obligation to file a tax return: no
  • Obligation to keep accounts: no
  • Minimum number of shareholders (partners): 1
  • Minimum number of directors (managers): 1
  • Share capital: 100 000 USD by default, there is no obligation to pay it
  • Currency to denote capital: USD by default, but can be any other currency
  • Publicly available register of companies: no
  • Obligation to appoint a company secretary: no
  • Change of residence to another country: yes
  • Inclusion of the country in the OECD grey list: no
  • Venue of the General Assembly session: anywhere in the world
IBC company € 899 € 699
IBC + full nominee service € 1299 € 999

The price includes all the necessary documents, courier and power of attorney for business, certified with apostil (Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum and Articles of Incorporation, Share Register Form, General Power of Attorney, etc., in the first year of business).

Changes in the company such as a change of shareholders and managers € 299
Issuance of additional copies of documents with apostil € 199
Issuance of additional copies of power of attorney with apostil € 199
Modification of the registration agent and company headquarters € 299
Issuance of a “Good Standing” certificate € 149
Issuance of a “Incumbency” certificate € 149
Courier service to deliver documents from € 70
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