Tax optimisation

Tax optimisation means legal reduction of tax liability. WAM will arrange tax consulting and preparation of a comprehensive draft legal business structure that will save significant costs and help increase profitability.

Tax optimisation is not tax evasion or intentional tax avoidance. Our partners are reputable tax advisors with many years of experience and a license for such activity. For those interested, we can provide comprehensive drafting of establishment of business structures or conversion of existing structures.

The first step is a meeting with a representative of our company and signing the NDA (nondisclosure agreement). After signing the agreement it is necessary to fill in a basic questionnaire about the existing or upcoming business. Development of a comprehensive proposal requires getting answers to detailed questions about the business, cash flows persons and their tax domicile, turnover, profit, costs, etc. Next, we prepare a quotation for advice and information, and when the quotation is accepted we pass the information to our partners who develop a detailed legal structure of the business with respect to tax and legal aspects.


More information is available when meeting our representative in person.
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